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Fat Loss Progress Report: Protein Bar Madness!

October 5, 2015

It’s been about four weeks since I’ve embarked on my latest fat loss journey. I am making decent progress, losing about one pound per week and the bio impedance scale shows a small reduction in fat percentage. Still, I think that I can speed up the rate of fat loss.

I’ve been tracking my caloric intake and expenditure on my iPhone and for the last ten days it shows an estimated average daily expenditure of about 2,800 kcal and an average daily caloric intake of 2,400 kcal. That is a deficit of 400 kcal per day or 2,800 kcal per week and just about a pound of fat. Of course those estimates are not very reliable, but since they align nicely with the scale, I’ll go out on a limb and use those values as a reference point.

My goal for the next weeks will be to maintain my level of activity and to keep my daily caloric intake below 2,000 kcal. That should lead to a loss of up to two pounds of body fat per week.

I also decided to increase my protein intake from 120 grams to 200 grams per day. I’m doing heavy weight lifting 2-3 days per week and the protein, along with cycling my caloric intake with the training (high on training days, low on rest days) should help to make sure that I’m losing fat, not muscle.

Protein bars … lately I’ve been using them a lot. Quest Bars in particular … I guess that I will have to be more creative with my protein sources. More on that in the next post!


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