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Fat Loss Diary: Intermittent Success

May 12, 2014

Last week I announced that I would try intermittent fasting – and I did. I fasted on two non-consecutive days, and ate normally on the other five. Unfortunately I did not lose any weight – but I had been on a low-car calorie restricted diet the week before, so that could be due to re-gained water weight.

In retrospect I found some things which I could improve: 

  • The weather wasn’t good, so I used the car a lot
  • The week before I had gone on long walks after lunch, not so last week.
  • I ate a lot of chocolate and fruit on the non-fasting days. This is allowed on the 5:2 protocol
  • I didn’t count calories except on fasting days, which is also encouraged by the popular books on intermittent fasting

It’s hard to say which of those things matter more, and if I was doing a scientific experiment, I would have to change one of them at a time and keep everything else equal in order to find out. Fortunately I’m not, so I’ll change a bunch of things for this week:

  • I’ll use the bicycle every day to drive to/from work (16km)
  • I’ll walk at least 8,000 steps every day, and climb at least 20 floors (as monitored by my Fitbit tracker)
  • I want to achieve a nice caloric deficit for the week (about 7000 calories), so I’ll …
    • be more strict on fasting days (zero calories)
    • count calories every day
    • Three fasting days instead of 2
  • I’ll do HIIT (high intensity interval training) every other day. Eventually I want to do tabata intervals, but doing those every other day would kill me, so I’ll go for 4 20 second sprints with 30 second pauses between instead of the full 8 20 seconds with 10 second pauses of tabata. In time I will try to work up to doing one proper tabata workout per week.

 That’s it – stay tuned for next week’s update!


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