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Fat Loss Diary: Full On Ketosis

April 27, 2014

Last week I mentioned that I had rediscovered nutritional ketosis – and today, one week later, I’m still in this fascinating state of fat burning. So far it works great – I’m eating very few calories and at the same time am not feeling hungry at all (because my body is augmenting my food intake using its fat stores). I’ve also been testing my blood sugar level as well as ketone level (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate) on a daily basis, confirming that I’m actually in ketosis. My blood sugar is hovering around 80, while the ketones are around 2 mmol/L … I seem to have no problem entering and maintaining ketosis, which seems to be a major problem for some people. I quickly learned that I can eat berries and dark chocolate in small quantities without any effects on the ketosis, which makes this diet a walk in the park as far as adherence is concerned.

I think I made one small mistake: I added salt and mineral supplements to the diet because a lack of those micronutrients is frequently reported when adapting to ketosis. I think that this had some unpleasant effects on my digestive system – so from now on I won’t do that anymore and instead wait for when (and if) I develop symptoms (dizziness when low on sodium, muscle cramps when low on magnesium etc.). The same goes for fluid intake: instead of drinking a lot of water throughout the day independently of thirst, I will only drink (water) when thirsty.

The same goes for food: Today for example I had the problem of not wanting to eat anything. My biggest worry is that I’m not getting enough protein, but I’ve now been in ketosis for two weeks – it’s quite likely that my body is no longer converting protein to glucose. I’ll definitely try to go for 80g of protein per day from now on – and a bit more on exercise days.

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