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Fat Loss Diary: Oatmeal and Duck Fat

February 15, 2014

This is just a quick post about my ongoing fat loss experiment. I called it the “final” fat loss experiment, but I really want to make it an iterative process where I change some aspect of what I eat or how I work out every week and then see how that is working out for me. The main goal is still to eat less fructose and more fiber.

Reviewing Last Week (CW 07/2014)

I attempted to increase my fiber intake by eating oatmeal with milk for breakfast, whereas in the previous weeks I either skipped breakfast altogether or just had some fat in my coffee. I am using an iPhone app ( to keep track of most of the relevant parameters, and in retrospect I was able to increase my fiber intake from about 10g/day to 20g/day. Unfortunately I didn’t lose any weight, which was mostly because of stress related eating in the evenings. I managed to steer clear of fructose, but I still ate a lot of Chinese take out, mainly duck which is high in fat and calories.

Changes For Next Week (CW 08/2014)

I really liked the oatmeal breakfast, but of course it not only contains fiber, but also a lot of calories. The total caloric balance last week was the obvious reason I didn’t lose any body fat, so for next week I’ll try to reduce calories and further increase fiber intake. In particular, those are the changes:

  • Intermittent Fasting
    I’ll try to introduce one fasting day where I only eat about 800 Calories. The best way to accomplish this is to skip breakfast and lunch and then have a very small but protein-rich meal in the evening. This would be hard to maintain on a daily basis, but is quite possible once per week. I’ll do this on Friday, when traditionally the food choices in my company’s cafeteria aren’t that great (google “Currywurst”).
  • Smaller Portion of Oatmeal for Breakfast
    Last week I ate 100g of oatmeal with about 300ml of low-fat milk for breakfast – which is about 500 Calories (ok, I also added 10g of dark chocolate to the mix). That turned out to be too much, so I’ll eat half that portion for breakfast.
  • More Fiber in Total
    My goal for fiber intake is 30g/day, so I’ll eat oatmeal for dinner, too – at least on some days. I already eat plenty of salad at lunch every day, but unfortunately the amount of fiber you get from salad is quite low. I don’t want to get into whole grain breads, because of the calories. So at least for the time being, I’ll stick with oatmeal – maybe I’ll use some oat bran as well.
  • No More Take Out on Work Days
    No explanation needed for this one … as delicious as the Chinese deep-fried duck may be (hey, no fructose, and lots of veggies), it simply has too many calories.
  • Maintain A Caloric Deficit of about 1000 Calories/day
    This sounds a bit extreme, but I’ve done it before and it always worked. It’s much easier to accomplish with the fasting day I mentioned above – that day alone accounts for 2000 Calories per week, so on the other days I can eat a little bit more.

So that’s it for this week!


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