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WL Experiment 2 Week 7/10: Willpower’s a Bitch

December 18, 2012

This is just a quick progress update on week 7/10 of my ongoing second weight loss experiment. Why am I “bitching” about willpower? Well, last week I proudly announced that I would implement some strict fasting days in week 7, and I just didn’t. I could have also chose a different title for this post: Bargaining’s a bitch.

So was week 7 a failure? Yes and no. Yes, I failed to stick with the exact procedure that I had planned for the week, which can be seen as a lack of willpower. No, I actually succeeded as far as weight loss is concerned. In a nutshell I ended up converting the strict fasting days into Leangains style intermittent fasting days, where you fast for the majority of the day and then consume your calories during a relatively short window. In essence, I was trying to implement the strict fasting days, but in the evening I would get hungry and eventually “decide” to postpone the strict fasting day. I essentially ended up doing that for 7 days of the week, eating only in the evening, which is a rather extreme version of intermittent fasting (most advocates, including Martin Berkhan, recommend an 8 hour eating window), but it felt quite natural to me, and I wasn’t really hungry during the day.

The result was that my weight stabilised in the 93.x kg range – only 1 kg from the target weight I set for the experiment (92kg), and I have three more weeks to go. Body fat percentage also decreased by about 1%, which was nice considering that I didn’t do much strength training during the week. But on Saturday I did something I hadn’t done in years: There’s a public bath in my town that has an olympic pool (50 meters), and I went there and swam 2 kilometers (1.2 miles). Of course the next day I experienced some muscle soreness, but all in all it was awesome, and I’ll definitely do it again next Saturday. Not only does swimming burn a lot of calories, but it also provides some high-rep moderate-resistance activity for the upper body, and I’d definitely prefer it to jogging when it comes to improving body composition as well as preventing injuries.

That’s all from this week – stay tuned for next week’s report!


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