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WL Experiment 2: Week 6/10

December 9, 2012

Lots of things happened this week – so I’ll tackle it day by day. One thing up front: It was a success. After my huge binge the weekend before, I actually managed to be very strict about implementing intermittent fasting on two out of three fasting days and keeping calories in check when breaking the fasts. As a result the weight dropped to 94.4kg on Friday, which is my lowest weight in more than ten years.

For week 7 I plan to repeat week 6, but this time without quite so much pancakes. Stay tuned for the next report!


Fasting … oh the joy. One of the great benefits of fasting is that you don’t have to think about what to eat – which, for the dieting person, always brings with it the question of how many calories to eat in a meal, how much fat, how much protein and so forth. Fasting removes all those difficult considerations.
In the evening I ate a small meal – only about 500 calories, mainly protein and fat (scrambled eggs with bacon, spinach). I had initially planned to fast the entire day, but then I decided to add this small meal but in exchange to continue fasting until Tuesday evening.

That day I also decided to revisit some books that I read months (years) ago and which were all promoting  intermittent fasting. What really surprised me was that as I was reading them again, I noticed that they were full of – there is no nice way to put it – bullshit. Even though I had been aware that the authors were exaggerating their claims back when I was reading the books the first time, I was suprised how much my perception of those claims has changed since then. For example, I read Ori Hofmekler’s well known book The Warrior Diet, and at one point he referred to acupuncture as a valid treatment and on several occasions spoke of nebulous “energies” of the body which need to be released. Another fallen hero: Arthur DeVany. In “The New Evolution Diet” he writes:

As with insulin, you can develop leptin resistance, which is itself a cause of obesity. Lectins are to blame for this …

Really? Arthur DeVany has discovered a definitive link between lectins (proteins found in legumes like lentils, peas and beans) and leptin resistance? Where’s the evidence? I found none, and he doesn’t present any.

It’s sad … no matter which diet book you read, you can be sure that it contains some truths, some evident falsehoods, some claims that are stated as fact but are merely speculation, and maybe even some blatant lies. The reader is left with the difficult task of finding out which is which.

But I digress. The bottom line: I’m really digging intermittent fasting right now. 🙂

Exercise: None


I technically broke the fast at 14:00 when I had a protein shake – but I still effectively only ate about 600 calories between Sunday evening and Tuesday evening – that’s 48 hours. A big meal was due in the evening, and here it is:

Macaroni with cheese and bacon strips, pepper steak and spinach. I actually made (and ate) about twice as much macaroni (150 grams of pasta, uncooked/dry). In retrospect I shouldn’t have done that – I’ll repeat the meal on Thursday, and then I’ll use about 80 grams of pasta.

It was delicious. Afterwards I made dessert (pancakes with strawberry jam and apple sauce). All in all I consumed about 2,200 calories that evening, which still only put me at an average of 1,350 calories per day for the week so far. Life is good. 🙂

Exercise: 10 pull-ups


Same procedure as Monday … fasted throughout the day, and then broke the fast in the evening with a small meal: Scrambled eggs, some canned sardines. No spinach this time – I had run out of it. I also had a small hot chocolate before going to bed – a small cheat, but I kept below 600 calories for the day.
Exercise: 10 standing barbell presses at 55kg, 10 pull-ups


Variations on a theme – here’s the fast breaking dinner:
This is some sous vide cooked fish, with cooked potato slices and steamed broccoli, and some leftover cheese sauce from Tuesday. It tasted nice, but the consistency of the potatoes could have been better, and the fish lacked spice.
I also had pancakes later on. Total calories for the day: about 1,900.
Exercise: about 40 push-ups. I did one of those tests for your biological age on the internet (the result was: 29 years instead of my real 37 years), and one of the questions was “how many push-ups can you do”. I was a little disappointed when I found that I had to stop at 16 before losing good form, so I did two more sets later that day.


Another fasting day – except that in the evening I decided to eat some more calories by using up the remaining left over cheese sauce from Tuesday. I still only ate about 1,600 calories.


Cheat day, glorious cheat day. I visited my parents to celebrate two birthdays in the family, and the short story is: 3,700 calories. Not as spectacular as the 6,000 calories from last Saturday, but still … I felt pleasantly overfed that day.


Lunch: Macaronis with cheese and pancakes – about 1,600 calories.
Dinner: We went to our favorite fish restaurant – it’s difficult to estimate calories for the deep fried carp that I had, but I logged it as a 1,400 calories restaurant meal. Later that evening I had a small dessert – pancakes again, but only made from two eggs. 

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