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WL Experiment 2 Week 5/10: The Art of Cheating

December 3, 2012

This is just a very quick update on my ongoing weight loss experiment – it’s week 5 of 10, and the weight loss has not been as rapid as I hoped. During week 5 I was eating within the range suggested by FitBit to lose weight, but instead of reaching 94kg, the weight oscillated in the 95.x kg range. That’s quite normal during weight loss and I’ve written about short term plateaus in the past and about how you should just ignore them and soldier on. However, on Saturday I went out with friends to watch a soccer game, and there I decided to change things up a little bit.

Long story short. This past weekend ended up being a huge cheat day, followed by a minor cheat day. On Saturday I ate about 6,000 calories while expending only 3,000 (according to the FitBit tracker), and on Sunday it must have been about 4,000. 
So has my weight loss experiment failed? Not at all. In week 6 I will implement three absolute fasting days on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and eat normally (about 2,000 calories) on Tuesday and Thursday, followed by a cheat Saturday and a normal Sunday.
Why am I doing this? Well, the last couple of weeks I was regularly undereating. I want to return to a more extreme alternation between low calories and mid/high calories and see if that works better – it sure did in the previous WLE.
So that’s all from me today – stay tuned for the next update, and possibly more meal photos from Tuesday and Thursday.

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