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Steak Sous Vide, Next Try

November 29, 2012

yesterday’s attempt at cooking steak sous vide (in a water bath, at low temperature, sealed in a bag) turned out quite nice, and I had another steak in the fridge – so I had another go at it yesterday. I still haven’t found an affordable professional water bath – not only do most of them cost upwards of 500 €, but you’d have to order them from the US or the UK, which I don’t feel comfortable doing with expensive electronic devices.

First I vacuum sealed the steak in the bag the easy way – in the kitchen sink:

Then I heated the oven again and added the zip loc bag in a pot of water, carefully monitoring the temperature:

I quickly discovered that the target temperature of 55°C was impossible to maintain in the oven without overheating the bag (which is rated for 90°C), and after about half an hour the temperature had dropped to 51°C. So I decided to move the pot to the stove:

It worked surprisingly well: The stove uses induction, and quick bursts of ultra high settings reliably increased the temperature by 1-2°C.

This time I sautéed the onions in a separate pot and went with rings instead of dice – reducing them with red wine and adding some proper vegetable stock resulted in the nice purple color (of course using red onions helped with that as well).

So, without further ado – here’s the complete dish:

Taking really good looking snapshots of food is more difficult than I thought – for example, I didn’t notice the small black speck on the “front potato” when taking the picture.

Since it all went so well, I made dessert: A nice glass of hot chocolate, which I made from milk and 75% dark chocolate:

I found it impossible to take that picture without adding a reflection of myself (or rather the camera and my fingers) in the glass. The glass itself is a cool piece of technology in itself – I bought it yesterday. As you can see it’s double walled, and it also contains a small silicone vent in the bottom, which allows for the air inside to adjust pressure as you put hot (or cool) stuff into the glass.

That’s all from me today – stay tuned for more food experiments, as well as the regular update on my ongoing weight loss experiment. Luckily this meal in particular was quite low in calories … but it certainly did not taste that way!


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