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Oven Finished Steak

November 27, 2012

Just a quick post about yesterday’s dinner. Having read the 4 Hour Chef and Modernist Cuisine at Home (which I received yesterday), I fancied steak – so I went shopping and decided to start a little cooking experiment.

I seared the steak in a pan from all sides for about 60 seconds and then put it the oven at 90°C, with a thermometer at the center, and it took about 40 minutes for the core temperature to reach 55°C, when I took it out. While it was cooking I boiled and then diced some potatoes, chopped some mushrooms,  onions and carrots, and then sautéed it all in the pan (with about 1 Tsp ghee). I simply seasoned generously with salt and pepper, and added some grated garlic and dried rosemary. Towards the end I dissolved chicken broth powder in red wine and added it to the whole thing.

Here you see the finished steak as I removed it from the oven, with the thermometer still in it. Notice the one drop of dried blood in the oven – that’s the only liquid that ever escaped from steak. At least that’s what I hoped – the steak turned out a little dry. Next I’ll use the sous vide method (vacuumed zip-lock bag, water bath), and then the oven method again but with brining the steak over night.

There’s the sautéed vegetables – they tasted quite nice, but in retrospect I should have added the onions and garlic a bit later. The proper sequence would have been carrots and semi-boiled potatoes, then onions and garlic, and the mushrooms last (only for a few minutes).

And here’s the complete meal. If you’ve never slow-cooked meat before: Notice how evenly the steak is cooked. Instead of having a bloody core and overcooked layers on the outside, the whole piece is cooked perfectly.


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  1. ​This is an interesting post, I love steaks although I have to admit that aside from my BBQ I have always been a little afraid of oven cooking etc. I've never done the whole, temperature style of cooking but I know it is important to ensure a perfect steak…do you have any tips for n anxious newbies? I'd love to be able to cook something quite decent for the family

  2. Hi Jackson,I would really recommend the Sous Vide approach over oven finishing, simply because in the oven the steak will dry out much more than in a bag in a water bath. Check out the posts following this one where I describe that method – or get the 4 Hour Chef, which goes into more detail. The only special tool you need is the same one as for oven finishing: a probe thermometer.

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