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Weight Loss Experiment 2 Week 4/10

November 26, 2012

Another week has passed – and the weight loss experiment is progressing slowly and steadily. Yesterday I got very close to reaching 94.x kg on the scale, but what the hell. During the whole week I was quite strict with the diet, and since I didn’t feel the need to binge at all on the weekend, I simply “cheat mealed” slightly on Saturday, when I went out with a couple of friends and had a nice breaded, deep-fried carp (a local speciality), about a liter of beer, a shot of tequila and two gin tonic. Who knew that dieting could be so delicious!

Strength continues to increase as well – Last weekend I not only had some fun with friends and booze, but also did a LOT of pull-ups and military presses. I hadn’t planned this beforehand – but after breakfast on Saturday I began doing pull-ups simply every time I walked past the power rack, and since I have a one room apartement, that happened a lot. Saturday became pull-up day, and I must have done between 30 and 40 of them in total. I decided that I’ll get some post-it notes which I’ll use to keep track of the reps – that way I can post a note on the rack and simply draw a line whenever I walk by and do a rep.
I did something similar on Sunday with the military press – only there I did 3 sets of 3 with 55kg and then 5-6 sets of about 8 reps with a slow cadence where each set ended with an intense “burn” in the muscle. But the sets were also spread over several hours, so in retrospect it felt just like the grease the groove type pull-up workout from Saturday. Maybe the problem with military presses is that the movement takes longer to set-up than a pull-up does – you have to approach the bar, take it off the rack, mind your breathing etc.. Of course hand-stand push-ups would be better in that regard, but for those I’ll definitely need to lose another 20 kilos of “flab” …

What else happened during the week? Well, on Tuesday the new book by Tim Ferriss was released, and although I don’t agree with everything Tim has said on his blog or in his previous books, I immediately downloaded the 4 Hour Chef to my kindle app. I already finished reading it, and I like it a lot, especially the recipes. I also ended up getting an AeroPress from Amazon, which is a cool device (of sorts) to brew/press the perfect cup of coffee, and although I was a bit sceptical at first, I absolutely love it now, and the coffee is amazing. I currently use ground coffee from Starbucks, which may seem a bit pricey, but the advantage is that they offer so many different roasts – you can try a different one every week.

The book got me interested in cooking again, which has always been a sort of off and on hobby for me. After some “zapping” on YouTube I ran across a presentation by Nathan Myhrvold about his new book “Modernist Cuisine at Home“, which I also ordered from Amazon – it’s only available in print, but in that case it makes sense [to not publish it on the kindle] because it contains so many hi-def pictures which they even used special inks/methods to print that you wouldn’t really want to look at it on a computer screen. It hasn’t arrived yet (I’m writing this on Monday morning), so expect a short review – and more comments on cooking in general and how it applies to my weight loss experiment – in next week’s post.

And before I forget: I can give you some more pics. The food photography is sort of low quality, but I’m trying to improve – the problem with my kitchen is that there’s no direct sunlight, and lots of shiny surfaces which reflect the flashlight and lead to overexposure.

Some tools that I purchased on Saturday, inspired by Tim’s book. in the upper left corner you can see the parts of the AeroPress, to the upper right you can see the thermometer. To the right there are some Pyrex glass dishes which are ideal to keep leftover stuff – you can put them in the freezer as well as the microwave or in the oven (without the plastic lid), so if you have for example leftover chili con carne, you can let it cool, put each portion in such a dish, store it in the fridge and then later simply put it in the microwave.
The other tools are kind of obvious – the one with the blue handle is a Microplane grater.

This is my interpretation of a Slow Carb meal, containing three eggs fried with some bacon strips (forming a nice omelet of sorts) and seasoned with salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper, one can of Heinz Barbecue Beans, and a generous slab of spinach. This was taken some time during the week, and it’s representative of a typical meal on my diet.

I know, I need to work on food presentation … so here’s a better version of the meal, taken last night. This time without the beans, and with the eggs and bacon separately. I also added honey and some thyme to the bacon – delicious!


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