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Weight Loss Experiment 2 Week 3/10

November 18, 2012
Just a very quick update this week. I’m another kilo down, and according to the scale it’s mostly fat. I managed to avoid any major cheat meals and even though I didn’t do any real fasting days, I managed to keep calories quite low on two days. Protein powder has been helpful – I’ve been eating upwards of 140 grams of protein each day. Strength is improving as well, although I experienced some pain in the forearms for a few days – probably from the grip work last weekend. Could also be the kettlebells banging on the arms- I ordered some protective gear to account for that, and a 12kg kettlebell which will also be perfect for windmills and turkish get-ups.
I also got my new smartphone, but wasn’t able to repeat my kettlebell uphill sprints – so no workout photos yet. Maybe next week – in the meantime I’ll leave you with a better photo of my power rack, and one of the uphill sprint location.

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