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Workout of the Week: Kettlebell Uphill Sprints (and Cake)

November 11, 2012

So I was goofing around earlier today doing push-ups, pull-ups and turkish get-ups when I suddenly had an idea: How about doing some sprints?

I also fancied a piece of cake, which of course would undermine my ongoing weight loss experiment. The ideal solution to the problem was this: I put on some suitable clothes (it was raining, but there’s no such thing as bad weather, only wrong choices of clothes), took my 16kg kettlebell, put it in my bicycle basket (rated for up to 25kg), and drove to a nice hill. Ok, it was more like a gentle slope about 50 meters in length and about three stories high, but it was perfect for the drill that I had in mind: – Walk downhill carrying the kettlebell with one hand (suitcase carry) – Sprint uphill holding the kettlebell (goblet position) – Repeat 8 times, with ample rest in between (about 1-3 minutes) I would have taken some pictures, but since it was raining heavily I didn’t take my smartphone.

I enjoyed the workout a lot, so I’m going to do it again next weekend and then I’ll also take some pictures. On the way back I stopped by the bakery and got myself two small pieces of cake. Unfortunately the kettlebell toppled over in the basket and crushed them partially, but they tasted just as good.

Have a look:

Here’s my trusty bicycle and the basket with the kettlebell and cake … I had to drive really carefully, and every time I was going over a curb the kettlebell, despite of its weight, jumped in the basket. Next time I’ll probably put some towels underneath the bell. Putting it in a rucksack would also be an option, but I currently don’t have one that would support 16kg.

… and here’s the crushed cake. about 600 calories, but who’s counting after a set of 8 uphill kettlebell sprints, not to mentioning transporting the kettlebell and carrying it downhill.

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