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Weight Loss Experiment 2 Week 1/10

November 4, 2012

This is a quick report on week 1 of my new weight loss experiment, which ended today (Sunday, November 4 2012).


What can I say: I ate too damn much. I failed to implement the fasting day early in the week, and for the remainder of the week I was busy redecorating and painting my apartement. It proved to be more physically demanding than I had thought, and it had a profound effect on my appetite. I think that for the whole week I still managed to create a caloric deficit (about 1,500 calories according to FitBit), but not as much as I hoped. I think I’ll return to what I did in the beginning of the first experiment: Eating normally on the days between the fasting days – provide more contrast, don’t let the body get used to either fasting or feasting. I’ll try to fast on Tuesday and Thursday.

Results: My weight has been fluctuating a bit – it’s too early to say whether I’m trending downwards. Today my weight is higher than last Sunday, but that’s mainly due to the “cheat day” yesterday.

Strength Training

Throughout the week I did MANY sets of 5 of box pistols and incline one-arm push-ups, just like planned. At work I did many sets of 10 incline push-ups, and always a set of 5 incline one-arm push-ups on the way to and from Starbucks (lunch). I also did some back bridges and hanging leg raises (tucked) in the mornings and evenings. I really ramped up the volume this weekend, also adding turkish get-ups with an 8kg kettlebell (currently using a low weight to practice the movement), bench dips, 50kg military press (sets of 3) and pull-ups (singles, just the concentric part). I may have overdone it a little bit in some areas – I am experiencing slight muscle soreness in the shoulders and abs. But all in all I think I managed to increase volume without overloading the muscles too much. I’m really beginning to like the concept of “Easy Strength” from Pavel Tsatsouline’s book.

By the way: To the right you can see my power rack (better pictures will follow in about 10 days, when I will – if all goes well – have a brand new smartphone), which turns out to having been an excellent investment. It’s truly versatile – even if it’s mainly designed for barbell training, it provides a lot of assistance for my bodyweight exercises. Aside from the obvious (pull-up bar and dip handles) the adjustable safety bars are particularly useful since they allow me to slowly increase the difficulty of the one-armed pushups. I also use them to do horizontal row movements (also called Australian pull-ups).

Results: Still getting used to all the new movements, but I can already report that I was able to move the safety bar down two notches for the incline one-arm push-ups. 


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