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WLE: Weeks 9, 10 and 11 – Breaking the magic 100kg

September 3, 2012

I finally made it: Last weekend (Sunday, September 2nd of 2012, which marks the end of week 11 of my weight loss experiment) I managed to finally break through the “magic” barrier of 100kg – albeit only by 0.5kg.

I have lost about 2kg since my last post three weeks ago. I was starting to worry that I might be plateauing, but then I reminded myself that I shouldn’t expect to lose 1kg per week like clockwork. My guess is that weight loss will slowly but steadily decrease to about one pound per week as I get closer to 90kg, and decrease further as I approach 80kg.

As I mentioned in my last post, I had read The Perfect Health Diet – and during week 9 I implemented it fairly accurately. In retrospect I felt like I ate too much fat – I mostly ate coconut oil and coffee with heavy cream for breakfast, and I think that it made me feel slightly nauseated. Of course I cannot be sure whether the fat was the cause – during those weeks I also intensified endurance sport (cycling) because the weather was so great, and because I did that I didn’t do any major strength training for three weeks. Any of those things could have induced the very slight nausea, so I probably shouldn’t lose too much sleep over it. Another slightly worrying development is my blood pressure which slowly went up (to about 135/90) after having declined from similar figures before I started the WLE to about 125/85 in week 8. Maybe that’s due to a lack of sleep (or sleep quality) combined with all the cardio in August, but I’m reluctant to draw any causal link just yet.

So this is what I’ll do starting week 12:

As much as I liked the Perfect Health Diet approach, I think I am going to modify it by allowing more carbs. Throughout the month of August I have been doing a LOT of cardio (cycling), and I ate a lot of chocolate and jello, and I neglected the strength training. All those things will be addressed this week:

  • Do less cardio (cycling) – which will be easy since it is getting colder outside, reducing the number of days where I’ll be drawn to go cycling
  • Get back into strength training (which I did yesterday, with heavy deadlifts and barbell presses)
  • Eat less jello and chocolate (I agree with the PHD as far as reducing sugar/fructose is concerned)
  • Implement at least one day of fasting per week
  • Go easy on carbs, but be nowhere as strict as the PHD prescribes as the “ideal” diet. Fom my personal experience I function better in a moderate carb setting (e.g. 30% of calories from carbs, 40% from fat and 30% from protein) than in a low-carb regime. And I’m also going to eat more protein than the PHD recommends – simply because I’m also reducing calories on a weekly average basis, and the lowered calories should not result in a lowered absolute intake of protein. I’ll still eat far less protein than typical meat-based paleo/low-carb diets recommend – probably about 80g/day, which is about 1g per kg of lean body mass.


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