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Weight Loss Experiment: Week 4

July 16, 2012

The plan for week 4 (written on Monday):

Ok, I need to create more contrast between restrictive days and normal days (much less calories on restrictive days, a little bit more on normal days), and I need to stop myself from binging during the weekend. In the previous week I ate about 2,000 calories per day on average, and I’m trying to get down to about 1,500. In order to do that, I’ll aim for three restrictive days with at most 800 calories. With the total caloric goal being 10,000 calories for the whole week, that leaves about 7,500 calories for the remaining four days – or about 2,000 calories per day (let’s go for round numbers here). As far as exercise is concerned I’ll factor in long cycling tours, but neither the normal daily commute nor the strength training, as it is too difficult to estimate and doesn’t contribute much to the total expended calories anyway.

I’m also planning the days in advance: Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be restrictive. EDIT: Or so I thought – by Friday I was suffering from low energy and so I turned Friday into a normal day, and ended up making Sunday a fast – of sorts.

How it actually turned out:

Monday: One small apple (50 calories) and a coffee in the morning, one ham and cheese sandwich (350 calories) at noon. 1 hour cycling in the evening (-500 calories). One can of peas and carrots (100 calories), two hard boiled eggs (200 calories), two servings of jelly (200 calories) and 50g of chocolate (250 calories).
Total: 650 calories.

Tuesday: No breakfast, no lunch – just a coffee in the morning and some (unsweetened) tea throughout the day, then in the afternoon I had my regular cycling tour (1 hour, -500 calories). Oddly enough I didn’t feel particularly hungry throughout the day – the 16 hour fast wasn’t planned either, I just had to skip lunch for work related reasons. Wait – now I remember that I did in fact eat a small apple before I left the house in the morning (50 calories), so it wasn’t a strict fast. Anyway, in the evening I did some back squats (50kg x 5 x 3, 80kg x 5 x 1), and then ate a pizza (800 calories), a can of peas and carrots (100 calories), and two servings of jelly and 50g of chocolate (450 calories). And since I was way below quota so far, later in the evening I ate dessert again (two servings of jelly, 50g chocolate, 450 calories).
Total: 1,350 calories.

Wednesday: No breakfast, no lunch, no exercise. In the evening I ate chicken breast (250 calories), a can of peas and carrots (100 calories), one small apple (50 calories), one hard boiled egg (100 calories) and 50g of chocolate (250 calories).
Total: 750 calories.

Thursday: No breakfast, restaurant lunch (pork chop with a fried egg and potato salad – I’d estimate about 1,000 calories tops). No exercise. In the evening I had a can of stew containing lentils, potatoes and cocktail sausages (350 calories), and the usual bar of chocolate a few hours later (250 calories).
Total: 1,600 calories.

Friday: No breakfast, a bagel at Starbucks (about 400 calories), no exercise (bad weather, damp and cold all day – I developed a nasty headache towards the evening). Then I decided to eat a pizza (850 calories) despite of my resolve to implement three restrictive days, Friday being one of them, because I felt really low (in terms of energy) and despite of trying, Tuesday and Thursday were a bit low in calories. Next week I’ll definitely try to eat less on restrictive days and more (towards 2,000 calories or even a bit more) between. Later in the evening I topped it off by eating a can of peas and carrots, a can of sweet corn and an hard boiled egg (300 calories), 150g of chicken breast (250 calories) and then 50g of chocolate (250 calories).
Total calories: 2,050

Saturday: No breakfast, no lunch – just got carried away playing the new Civilization V expansion pack (Gods & Kings). I played one “quick” game on a “small” map (6 players, 12 city states) and it still took five hours. At least I won, but it was a close call, because about half way through I settled on a small island and a smaller civ decided to attack my two new cities, and I underestimated the threat and sent too few units to defend the island – so it got conquered, and I spent the majority of the remaining game getting the island back and finally defeating this opponent, so that I could beat the main one (tech victory). But I digress šŸ˜‰
In the evening I ate a nice Indian meal – it was really hot, in fact the owner of the restaurant asked me twice if I was sure about ordering it “Indian hot”. I also ordered a Mango Lassie, and in total I estimate the calories at about 1,300. We also went to a pub, and in total I had four beers and a whisky – about 1,000 calories should account for these. Then on my way back home I stopped at McDonalds and ordered one cheeseburger and 20 chicken tenders (1,300 calories), making this an official cheat day.
Total calories: 3,600

Sunday: No breakfast. Lunch: One pizza (850 calories). Then I played Civ 5 again – and I almost managed to pull off a cultural victory, only to find one of the lesser opponents triggering a UN vote – which I also won. But there goes my cultural victory achievement … šŸ˜‰
Anyway, after that I went cycling for almost an hour (-400 calories), and then did a nice, brutal set of deadlifts (5 singles of 120kg each). Then I had a can of sweet corn (100 calories) and a protein shake (300 calories). Later I also ate two servings of jelly (200 calories) and 125g of chocolate (650 calories).
Total calories: 1,700

Total calories for the week (Mo-Fr): 11,700
Average daily calories: 1,671

Reflection (written in Week 5):

I liked week 4. I set out to eat 1,500 calories per day, and achieved 1,671 – that’s close enough. šŸ™‚

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