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Weight Loss Experiment: Week 3

July 9, 2012

Ok, so here’s week three of my on-going weight loss experiment. I tried to estimate the calories and ended up with about 14,000 calories for the week – that’s about 2,000 calories per day. I tried to take my cycling tours into account, but none of my other activities. My weight is currently at 104 kg, down from 108 kg three weeks ago. For next week I’ll try to get the daily calories below 1,500 – mainly by restricting myself more on restrictive days (and actually implement three of them per week), and not binging too much on cheat days like I did last Saturday.

Monday: Restrictive, no exercise

Breakfast: none (black coffee with a tiny amount of milk)
Lunch: one small piece of cheese, one small apple
Dinner: 150g chicken breast, two hard boiled eggs, a can of spicy thai soup (200 calories), 50g of chocolate, one serving of jelly.

Total calories (estimate): 1,200

Tuesday: Normal, no exercise

Breakfast: One coffee with milk (100 calories)
Lunch: Pork chop with gravy, french fries and salad (restaurant meal)
Dinner: one apple, 20 chicken tenders (Burger King), two servings of jelly w/ vanilla sauce

Total calories: probably about 2,800. I guess that lunch amounts to about 1,500 calories, the tenders are about 1,000 calories, each serving of jelly is 100 calories.

Wednesday: Normal, 1 hour cycling (500 calories)

Breakfast: One coffee with milk
Lunch: Big salad with five chicken wings and white bread (restaurant meal)
Dinner: One big T-Bone steak with veggies and some butter (10g), two servings of jelly, 50g of chocolate

Total calories: My guess is that the lunch amounts to about 1,200 calories, plus the T-Bone steak (600 calories), plus 500 calories for the desserts, minus exercise: 1,800

Thursday: Normal, 1 hour cycling (500 calories)

Breakfast: One coffee with milk
Lunch: One large sandwich at Starbucks (my guess: about 400 calories)
Dinner: One pizza from the fridge (850 calories), one can of peas and carrots (50 calories), two servings of jelly (200 calories), 50g of chocolate (300 calories)

Total calories: 1,400

Friday: Normal, 1 hour cycling

Breakfast: One coffee with milk
Lunch: One Starbucks bagel with a tall black coffee
Dinner: Same as yesterday

Total calories: 1,400

Saturday: Cheat/Binge

Breakfast: Two coffees with milk
Lunch: 150g chicken breast, 1 hard boiled egg, one small apple
Dinner: Half a chicken with potato salad (900 calories), two liters of beer (800 calories), one large slice of bread with “Griebenschmalz” (ok, as a friend of mine pointed out, it was idiotic to eat this in addition to the chicken – I guess it was another 500 calories), and then later I got one cheeseburger and 9 chicken tenders at McDonalds (another 1,000 calories).

Total calories: 3,700

Sunday: Normal, push-ups with the hands elevated (3 sets of 20 reps)

Breakfast: One coffee with milk, one small apple
Lunch: None
Dinner: Chinese duck (breast) with garlic/chili sauce and white rice, two servings of jelly, 50g of dark chocolate with orange peel

Total Calories: 1,700


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