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Days 7 and 8: Fire and Ice

June 26, 2012

Just a quick update on days 7 and 8 of my ongoing weight-loss experiment:

Day 7 (Sunday): Visited my parents – the weather was nice, so I used the bicycle: about 50 kilometers in total. Later I also did strength training:

Barbell Squat: 70kg x 5 x 3
Press: 50kg x 5 x 3, 55kg x 5 x 1, 57.5kg x 5 x 1
Chin-Ups (with elastic bands): 5 x 5

Diet-wise I would consider this a cheat day – I ate a lot at my parents, although I managed to implement the plate rule from Mindless Eating: Half of the plate was vegetables, the other half was part meat, part starch, and no second helpings. In the afternoon I ate some strawberry pie (hold the whipped cream). In the evening I decided to go to Burger King – I ended up getting 20 chicken tenders (here they’re called “nuggets”) and a medium chocolate milk shake, and I also added two yogurts later. The 20 tenders were definitely too much, so next time I’ll leave it at 9 tenders and a small milk shake. All in all I think that I ate a little too much that day, but I also worked out a lot.

Day 8 (Monday): Restrictive day, at noon I ate 150g of chicken breast, a small piece of cheese and an apple, in the evening I ate some cans of peas and carrots, some ham, two eggs and a can of Bihun soup (that a soup which is quite low in calories – it contains some rice noodles and chunks of chicken, but it’s basically just broth). I didn’t calculate the calories, but my estimate is somewhere around 1000. I didn’t do any exercise besides my regular commute by bicycle. Much to my surprise, I didn’t feel any extreme hunger pangs at all. 🙂

BTW: In case anyone’s wondering, I’m usually skipping breakfast (unless indicated otherwise).


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