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Cycling in January

January 16, 2011
Today the weather was ideal for cycling – and after a few weeks of heavy snow and low temperatures the snow had mostly melted away, and it was about 8 degrees celsius, which is just about enough to allow for cycling without gloves.
This is basically another “trivia” post … but it ties in with weight loss in that I really enjoyed this long, steady-state activity. I already described the route in the previous post about cycling – it’s basically 20km (about 12 miles) in one direction, leading through a nice valley alongside a canal that was built decades ago to connect the Danube to the Rhine – it’s fairly large and today looks just like a river, except for the locks built at intervals of about 5-10 kilometers, which allow for some nice occasional sprints. Destination is my parents’ home, and I sometimes go there by bycicle to sort of “sandwich” the lunch there. 😉
I always listen to music on that tour, since it’s ideally suited for it – almost no cars, no major crossings. First I listened to Symphony X – V: The New Mythology Suite, one of my favorite prog metal albums of all times. On the way back I listened to Tool – Aenima. Another reason the route is ideal for listening to music is that it typically takes about two hours, so you get about two albums in.
Did something interesting happen which would be worthy to take pictures of and post here? Well, there was a dog who was chasing a hare … but of course I couldn’t get my camera out quickly enough. But nevertheless I took two interesting shots:
Currently, due to the ice melting, many of the fields along the canal are still flodded. To the left is the canal, to the right are the flooded fields – you can see the white bundles of grass. It just looked oddly symmetrical.
This is on the way back. Most of the ice has melted, but behind the lock – you can see it in the picture – some drifting ice remained. It was kind of eerie, listening to Tool’s surreal music while the ice shells were slowly drifting by, at the same time the grass and moss on the riverside was already green, the sun was shining, and it was even warm enough for me to take off my jacket and sweater and enjoy the sun.

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