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I’m back …

December 12, 2010
Just a short announcement: After I had created the blog in 2009 I didn’t think about anything to post – so I kind of forgot about the whole blogging thing. I don’t care much for blogs where people post trivial stuff all the time, and my first three posts being kind of trivial really suggested to me not to continue posting unless I had something meaningful to say.

Later in 2009 I bought a Kindle and started to read many books on philosophical/scientific topics, and later still (late 2009 and throughout 2010) I started to read a lot about nutrition, dieting, exercise, strength training and so on. So now, by the end of 2010, I will try to get some regular posting going – about those other topics that I’ve read so much about, with the occasional (not so) trivial post thrown in for levity.

By the way: It’s not like I hadn’t known anything about those topics prior to the Kindle reading bout. But now, having not only read 20+ books but also countless websites and videos, I know that there are many sources of misinformation out there – and only a few sources that actually make an honest attempt at separating fact from fiction. The information is still fresh and present in my mind, and I think that getting some of the loose ends and conclusions out in the open and having people comment on them may be a good thing. I’ll list some of those books, websites and the persons behind them – maybe in the form of reviews, maybe more often in the form of informal commentary. Another format will be that of presenting some specific (popular) claim that has been made, and to take a closer look at some common arguments for or against that claim.

And now for the trivial segment: I took a snapshot of my bicycle last weekend – sorry for the crappy quality – and I thought this would be a nice reference to the previous post, showing my bike on a sunny day in July. It also signifies the desolate nature of this blog as far as activity over the last year is concerned, and I’ll try to change that.
So, watch out for more posts to come … my target is to write one or two posts per week on serious topics. Feel free to make suggestions – some of you may know me from forums (I usually go by the same user name) and thus know which topics I’ve covered there. But forums are not the best mediums to publish information – eventually a forum thread either gets lost in the archives, or it gets too long and it’s tedious to browse all the pages of discussion for the actual information. The blog format is definitely superior for that.

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