Wow – two months have passed since my last post, and I had announced weekly updates. I won’t make that mistake again, but in fact I have been on the announced strategy ever since, no sweets, lots of fiber from oatmeal. Unfortunately I haven’t lost any body fat … so last weekend I was going […]

This is just a quick post about my ongoing fat loss experiment. I called it the “final” fat loss experiment, but I really want to make it an iterative process where I change some aspect of what I eat or how I work out every week and then see how that is working out for […]

Over the last 5 years, I’ve tried many approaches to lose weight. I’m not really comfortable seeing myself as just another “yo-yo dieter”, but weight wise that’s what I am. For all my adult life (I’m 39 years old right now) my weight had been steadily increasing over the years, reaching an all time high […]

Today I watched an episode of the BBC’s brilliant series “QI” called “Knowledge“. In it Stephen Fry made an astonishing claim: Things we know – or think we know – will be untrue in a number of years’ time. Jo Brand added this: There’s no such thing as a fact. In my opinion those are […]

I subscribe to Elliott Hulse’s channel for two reasons: because occasionally he has good workout advice and cool videos and he’s often posting some seriously “out there” pseudo-scientific bullshit which I love to comment on. Long story short: What do you think about scientific research – is it all bullshit?  

So yesterday I tried out a cool smartphone app: Runtastic Push-Ups Pro. It’s essentially a motivational tool for doing push-ups. The idea is that you place it on the floor underneath your head (face) as you do the push-ups and it automatically counts the reps. It also manages the programming, so you can set it […]

Hi folks, it’s been much too long since my last post. Almost half a year ago I announced that I was about to start a new weight loss experiment (“WLE 3″). Long story short: I quickly lost my motivation. Last year (about 10 months ago) I started weighing about 108kg and lost a lot of […]


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